Five Reasons Why You Can’t Survive In The Mauryan Age.
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The Mauryan Empire was one of the largest empires to exist on the Indian subcontinent. The Mauryan age saw an era of social harmony, religious transformation, and expansion of the sciences and of knowledge. But, to think of it practically, it would be nearly impossible for any of us from the current generation to survive in the mauryan age. Here are five major reasons to tell you why it would be impossible.

1.) Tyranny: The current generation who gives a tough time to their parents who restrict them from doing things and being free, imagine if they were to be ruled by a king or a put as a slave under somebody’s dictatorship. No one in this democratic and outgoing world can be caged or restricted in doing whatever they want to do.




2.) Worth For Money: Money is time and time is money. In this age of globalization if someone didn’t know what's the worth of money, he won’t be able to survive. On an average a normal human being spends around Rs.100 a day. Back in the mauryan age Rs.100 was probably yearly income of a layman. Do you think you can survive in that era even if you knew the worth for money?




3.) Technology: Picture this, your friend is throwing a party and you get to know about it after a month! Or just think of life without Google, would you go through the scriptures everytime you wanted to know about something? Imagine your life without cell phones, internet, whatsapp, facebook and other kind of active social media awareness or technology use. 




4.) Transportation: What if your luxurious sedan turned into a bullock cart or a horse for a day and you had to commute anywhere in whatever weather conditions. Need a moment? Well, if you were in the muaryan age that walking, horseback riding and elephants would be your vehicles. None of us would be able to survive in the mauryan era with such conditions.


5.) Clothes: The style, the brands, the fashion and the SWAG, what would one do if all of this was taken away? Imagine walking around with heavy armor and wearing a dhoti with leather footwear all the time. None of us today can do without a bag full of different styles of clothing. From jeans to shirts to shoes to jackets. We need it all!





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