Five reasons why X1X Junior Group deserves to win IGT 6!
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  • June 25, 2015
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X1X Junior Group impressed the judges from the very first audition round. This group has a kind of vigor which leaves the audiences startled thinking if this is possible! The challenging bit is that they're a huge group, but this never affected their performance and in fact this made the entire act look marvelous on stage.


While this group is loaded with energy, but there is more to it why we feel the group has great chances to win!


1.       The lifts and throws are flawless – The group is incredibly spontaneous in changing forms, that too ones which might be too difficult. But the way they do it, they make everything look effortless!




2.       Electrifying energy – X1X Junior Group has maintained the tag of being the most energetic group this season. One reason that comes to our mind is their love for what they do, which brings in all the energy naturally.







3.      Impeccable Teamwork – The entire presentation during the performance assures that this group hasn’t achieved things just by couple of member’s dedication and hard work, but every individual stands out to be equally important. It is the co-hesive effort on the part of every member that goes on to make this group a tough contender in this finale




4.       They give in their best each time – This is exactly the kind of attitude a performer should have while being on stage. This group literally astonishes us with the way it performs. It’s always a do-or-die situation on stage making them put in everything they have, and we know how they come out winning each time!






5.      Strive for the best – This is one of their most endearing traits. They never get swayed by compliments, rather take added responsibility to push themselves for next time


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