Five reasons why Sanskar is the ideal man for Swara
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Swara and Sanskar are finally taking their relationship to the next level. Here are five reasons why we think Sanskar is perfect for Swara. 


Caring: When Swara wanted to bring the truth about Ragini in front of everyone, Sanskar stood by Swara’s side through all the ups and downs. He even went to the extent of pretending to be married to her so that they could catch Ragini off guard and keep the family from getting suspicious.


Loyalty: When the truth about Ragini and how she had tried to separate Lakshya and Swara came out in the open and Laksya wanted to get back with Swara, Sanskar stepped aside so that they two could have another shot at a happy relationship.


Romantic: Sanskar is one hell of a romantic. He totally nailed it with his extravagant marriage proposal during a helicopter ride and took Swara by surprise during their engagement ceremony.


Righteous: Sankar believes in standing up for the people he loves. When Ragini tried to get Swara and Sanskar’s fake marriage out in front of the entire family and later by trying to legitimize it by actually getting the two married, Sanskar kidnapped his own brother Lakshya and threatened to kill him in order to stop Ragini from going ahead with her evil plans.


Patience: When Sanskar realized that he was in love with Swara, he let destiny take its own course of action and didn’t get in between Swara and Lakshya’s relationship. He waited for things to fall in their own place.

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