Five reasons why Prahlad Acharya deserves to win IGT6!
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  • June 26, 2015
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Human mind and body contains unlimited potential. Living this philsophy is our IGT-6 finalist, Prahalad Acharya


Read below –


1.      Sheer talent without all that jazz! – He doesnt need and fancy props, no shimmer, no glitter, to present his shadow acts.  Be it any story, he would depict each character with so much ease and confidence that audience comprehends what he wants to say without any verbal communication.
2.       That vision and imagination! – Prahlad is gifted with an art to give form to any object, image or character with just his hands.
3.    The ever smiling face exhuberates so much positivity – Prahlad always smile whenever you see him. Even as the results were announced during previous rounds, Prahlad took it easy as he wore the comforting smile on his face, which clearly shows he knows how to handle pressure.
4.       The perfect flow of art  –  Prahlad’s shadow acts flow like water, uninterrupted and without any hiccups. The stories are perfect rom start to finish. isn't this a reson enough? 
5.       Unique talent this season – Prahlad’s talent has been one of its own kind and pretty convincing too.
Let’s wish him luck and share your views about this finalist in the comment box below.


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