Five Reasons why Manik Paul deserves to win IGT6!
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  • June 25, 2015
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Manik Paul’s aerial act was once called ‘poetic’ by the judge Karan Johar. This goes true for anything and everything he has done on India’s Got Talent stage. Manik has always been one of the most sincere and grounded contestants. Not only does he stay unaffected by judges’ comments but is thoroughly focused in giving his best.


Never has he given a single chance to the judges to point out a flaw in his act and hence we feel he is an equally deserving contestant to win!

1. Competition with himself – Manik is so focused and fine in his acts that hardly it ever felt that he was here to compete with anybody 
2. Positive persona – Manik is a very positive person and that clearly shows in his acts. When he comes on stage and the atmosphere is tensed, he remains calm giving us the impression that nothing can shake his confidence!
 3.   Self-made man – Manik had a personal loss at a very young age and he took the entire responsibility on his shoulders.                     Simultaneously, he worked hard to chase his dreams and is today standing in the top 5 of IGT 6
 4.   Mumma's Boy – Manik has been very honest in stating that he wants to win the show for his mother whom he owes and loves the most. That has to make you go Awwww
5. Perfect performer – Even technically Manik’s acts are neat and precise. He doesn't give the judges any chance to point out even a wrongly placed finger and that makes him earn 10 on 10!
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