Five reasons why Maithili Thakur deserves to win ‘Rising Star’
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  • April 19, 2017
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Maithili Thakur is one of the strongest contenders on Rising Star. She has only amazed everyone, every time she held the mic. Last weekend Maithili won the ticket to finale, undoubtedly she deserved to win for her exceptional singing.


Now with just four days remaining in hand, with top four finalists competing with one another to become the first ‘Rising Star’ of India, let’s see why Maithili Thakur deserves to win the title.


Confidence – Maithili is always confident on stage no matter how difficult the song is. That appeals everyone.






Consistent performer – From the audition round till the semi-finals, Maithili has maintained to perform well. There has been a remarkable consistency in her performances; she has crossed 90% several times on the show.





Challenger – She has the go-getter attitude. She loves taking up a challenge and then fights to win it.





Tough competition for the rest – On Rising Star Maithili has clearly proven that she can give anyone a tough fight to anyone, even the strongest of contenders. Her age doesn’t matter, everyone takes her seriously.






Ever smiling – Maithili isn’t just a great singer but carries a pleasing personality too. One would always find her smiling and giggling. She has a certain charm about her which is very important for a stage performer. Her chirpy nature makes her quite adorable.





Our best wishes to the girl from Mithila to win Rising Star.


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