Five reasons why housemates should be careful of Priya Malik
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  • November 23, 2015
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Priya Malik is in no mood for chitter-chatter or make friends inside the house. She has already come in with a game plan and has pre-decided who all she is going to keep at bay and who all she is going to keep an eye on. Determined to win and turn the house upside down, as witnessed in Sunday's epsiode, we hope Priya is going to come out as a game changer. Here are a list of five things that the housemates should take caution of when it comes to this wild card entrant. 

Homework: Priya Malik said that she has seen all the episodes of this season and has done her homework really well. She even mentioned that she has studied each and every contestant very closely. She has followed this season on social media and every possible platform. So, the house mates can expect to see a lot of sides of Priya, and by the first look of her, we bet she ain't like the sweet lady next door. 

Friendship: Priya Malik made it very clear that she is not going to make any friends. She said, she will be very careful about who is becoming friendly and for what reasons. She said she will be fair at all times and keep friendship aside and say it out loud when she feels something is going wrong.  We hope that she comes out fair because in the past we have seen the housemates dilly-dallying when it came to decision-making and taking a stand. 

Strategy: Priya has come well-prepared with a strategy into the Bigg Boss as she has been on a similar show in the past. This show is alot about a person's mental strength and knowing a contestant through an audience's perspective and that is what makes Priya come on top of the game. Well! For someone who has studied all the inmates inside out, the housemates better be a little wary of her moves.  

Winning is her motto: She has a strong feeling that there’s a scope for her to win the show even as wild card entrant as in last season Dimpy, who was a wild card entrant made it to the finals too. She mentioned that because she has experienced various kinds of people and she is a woman of multiple shades, this will help her to deal with the different kinds of people inside the house. We hope that the housemates take a cue from her and make a little change in their winning strategy. 

Strength: She said her strength is that she is not afraid of being herself. She said she is not perfect but perfectly real. If people are good to her she will be good to them and if they are bitching she will become a bitchy boss. She said this season needs her, as it looks like a 'pulao' which she will make into a 'biryani'. We are really missing some masala this season and we hope all those people who are busy faking inside the house take a lesson or two from this lady.

To find out more about Priya Malik, don't forget to catch tonight's episode at 10:30PM.

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