Five reasons why Harmanpreet and Parry G deserve to win IGT 6!
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Harmanpreet Kaur and Parry G, while coming for India’s Got Talent -6 auditions would have never thought that things were destined to be extremely hopeul yet little different.
Who would have thought that a hard core rapper would complement a honey dipped and soulful voice? But every time they came on stage together, judges couldn’t stop praising them and patting their own backs for collaborating them as they did exceptionally well and saved a position for the finale round.
So, we bring you reasons why we believe the duo deserves to win India’s Got Talent season – 6 
1.     Swag international, style hai desi! – This desi meets videshi cocktail complement each other so well, that i Harmanpreet's voice is a body, Parry G becomes the shadow, giving another dimention to their talent!
2.    Incredible timing – Synchronization in the song and rap must have been difficult initially for the duo, however hard work and dedication gave them success.
3.      They leave the audience hooked – Since they come up as an interesting pair, the audience just wants to listen more and more.
4.   Passion to make it big – Both the participants sing and rap their hearts out with thorough passion, no moment would ever tell you it’s a sheer singing or rapping
5. Supportive towards each other – At first whereIn the beginning,  both Harmanpreet and Parry G were hesitant and a little uncomfortable with partnership for this stage, later gradually became a great support for each other’s performance.
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