Five reasons why Beat Breakers deserves to win IGT 6!
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  • June 25, 2015
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This is the second inning for ‘Beat Breakers’ on Indian’s Got Talent platform! They were a part of IGT 5, but couldn't win, yet there was something extraordinary about them that has brought them back. Let's see what makes this group a probable winner on IGT 6. 
1.       Desire to win –  There has to be something about them that irrespective of loosing the show last year, they made way into audiences heart and came back with a bang. Not only that, they came as a challenges and looks like are here to stay! The sole aim for beatbreakers has always been to win, back then and even now, and we feel they truly deserve it! 
 2.       They tripped, they fell. yet they got up and ran!  – They have the undefeated spirit, few losses doesn’t mean the world has to an end for them. That’s actually the right way to move in life, what say?
3.        New day, new experiment and a brand new act! – Beat Breakers believe in experimenting with almost every form and style. Whenever they have come on stage, it's like watching new performers everytime. 
4. Struggles of life made them tough – Beat breakers really came a long way, being not so financially sound but dream of making it big in life made them even make their own costumes for their very first performance on IGT stage.
5. X-Factor –  The group makes every act memorable. The judges have always found something extremely unique in them, and the hard work paid off well in favor of them even in season 6!
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