Five reasons why Bannet Dosanjh deserves to win ‘Rising Star’
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  • April 20, 2017
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Bannet Dosanjh entered Rising Star as a die-hard fan of Diljit Dosanjh, as the former hails from the same place as the iconic Punjabi singer, Diljit i.e. Dosanjh Kalan and has only dreamt of being like him. From the day one, Bannet has shown an immense passion to become like Diljit and not just that, he has that talent inherent too.




Bannet is a 23 year old youth who aims high in life. His performance graph has only increased one round after another.


Bannet comes across as a super energetic contender who is ready to give his all to win the title of ‘Rising Star.’


Here are the five reasons, why we feel Bannet deserves to win –


Passion – Bannet has the passion of singing and he puts in all his efforts to give his best.




Energy – One of the main reasons why Bannet became the top performer during several episodes is his energy level. Bannet is always high on energy for any song that he picks. This trait is extremely needed for a stage performer.




Positive – Bannet has always taken the feedbacks very positively, and he only thinks of growing from that very point where he is asked to improve.




Composed – There have been times when Bannet was asked to sit on the red sofa, but the aspiring singer smiled all the way not getting jittery or fearful about the future, but taking one moment at a time.




Go-getter – Music is an extremely serious thing for Bannet. One can only win, if he or she loves what he is pursuing, Bannet looks totally in love with his singing and this pushes him every time to face any sort of challenge head on!




We wish Bannet great fortune for the finals!


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