Five qualities that set Bondita apart from the everybody else!
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  • April 3, 2020
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Full of innocence and with questions that probe your mind to think deeper, Bondita is the little girl you must watch out for. She serves as a little ray of sunshine in her mother’s life and is here to challenge any situation with valid questions and values, Barrister Babu as we all know is a period drama set up in pre-British India that focuses on a pure relationship between a 20 year old barrister Anirudh and his 8 year old child bride – Bondita. Bondita is not just any 8 year old and these five qualities prove how she’s SO different from the rest!

#1 Little Miss Curious – Bondita just wants to know it all. She has questions that challenge the society’s mindset like none other. She has questions that are capable of leaving the elder speechless and thoughts that are worthy of changing the world.

#2 A quick learner – Be it any task, leave it to Bondita to learn from the experience faster than anybody else.

#3 A foodie – She relishes and respects food. Not to forget, she takes keen interest in knowing all about it as well.

#4 A gem of a person – She’s only eight and understands compassion better than anyone. Following everything word to word as taught by her mother, Bondita is kind-hearted and oh-so-polite!

#5 Mischievous as ever – If you see the innocence in her smile, you cannot miss the masti in her eyes. With zero intentions of hurting anyone, trust Bondita to bring a smile on to your face with her little tactics and bubbly nature!


To see more of Bondita, tune in Barrister Babu from Monday to Friday at 9 pm and watch her journey once again!

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