Five lessons to learn from Chakor#Udann
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‘Child is the father of man’ and Chakor from Udann is one such fine example. Despite being so young, Chakor has the wisdom and courage that one usually hopes to find in adults. Whether it be any situation, this little girl knows how to overcome all hurdles. Her circumstances have never defined her and she believes in standing up for what she believes in. Here’s a look at five things that we can learn from little Chakor and incorporate in very own lives. 

Never believe in superstitions: Despite being aware of false ideas, we at times still at some level tend to drift towards it. We could be from any part of the world but our own insecurities lead us to believe in superstitions like a black cat crossing the road is considered inauspicious. Despite growing up in a village, Chakor at such a tender age had the courage to discredit such farce ideas. When Bhagya was proclaimed to be a devi and was trapped between the four walls of a temple, it was Chakor who finally put an end to the belief and set Bhagya free. Now for someone who is so young, we surely can learn a thing or two from her. 




Never say die attitude: Whatever situation she finds herself in, Chakor always manages to surface as a winner. When she started to go to school, there were a lot of boys who bullied her. There was this one time when the kids in school threw ink on her uniform but she stood up for herself and didn’t give in to the bullying. Chakor’s undying spirit is a great example of what we can achieve if we put our heart into something no matter how tough it is. 




Family is everything: Chakor absolutely loves Imli and she always comes to her rescue in dire times. When Imli was being teased by Suraj and his gang, Chakor picked up a stone in order to protect her dear sister. The two sisters surely share a close bond and are each other’s pillar of strength. A great camaraderie exists between the two and their bond is a reminder of why family should be kept first. 




Education is important: When the villagers were denied education because of foul play by Ranjhana and later by Bhaiyaji who insisted the villagers pay the school fees, it was Chakor who sat on a dharna demanding that the children be allowed to go to school.  After all it’s with the help of education that the mind can be liberated. 




End social evils like bonded labor: Fundamental rights is guaranteed to all by the Indian constitution and bonded labor is an absolute violation of human rights. The story of Chakor in Udann shows us how even today there are many people across the country who are unable to break from the clutches of slavery. Social evils such as bonded labor should be put to an end once and for all so that everyone is able to make their own life’s decisions without the interference e of unwanted external sources. 

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