Five interesting things that Kawaljit Singh revealed during the interview
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  • November 20, 2015
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There have been two wild card entries in the house so far and adding to all the mayhem this week would be our newest contestant Kawaljit Singh. A popular fashion designer, we hope Kawaljit brings to the house what has been missing so far; an extra touch of zing and glamor. Here are five things that Kawaljit revealed during the interview just before stepping into the Bigg Boss house. 

Feeling lucky: Kawaljit was really ecstatic about participating in the show. He spoke about how he has been a big fan of the show and has always hoped to be a part of it. Now that he is a part of it, we really wish that he creates some 'dhamal' inside the bigg Boss house. 

Favourite: There are two gals that have caught Kawaljit's eye and those are none other than Rochelle and Mandana. He likes Mandana because he believes she always takes a stand for herself and is genuine, and Rochelle because she comes across as a strong contender and admires the way she is playing the game. We really hope his perspective of these two girls stays the same because they have been creating quite a storm in the house in the last couple of days. 

Housemates: Kawaljit was quite open about the fact that he wasn't scared of anyone in the house and looked at all the housemates as his little kids. He also went on to mention how he really didn't dislike anyone in the house and the ones he did, had already left. He really didn't want to reveal any names but we are really curious to know who those housemates are?

Wardrobe: Kawaljit spoke about how Bigg Boss was a huge show and mentioned the time Ajaz Khan had said about the clothes that the housemates wore and the need for everyone to dress up well  as the show was telecasted world over. We really hope that the inmates take a few tips from him and start dressing up a little fashionably. 

Fights: He said he is all prepped up to face fights inside the house and gurantees that he will handle whatever fights that may come his way with dignity and honor without crossing any lines. Quite a few lines have been crossed in the past and we hope that he doesn't fall trap to temptation and pride.

To find out what all Kawaljit has in store for the housemates, don't forget to catch tonight's episode at 10:30PM. 


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