Five important lessons that ‘Shani’ gives us
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Karam phal data ‘Shani’ is a show which takes us back to Indian mythology, and talks us about the facts.


The story of lord ‘Shani’ on the show is wonderfully presented in the form of visuals taking us through some important life lessons. Each episode begins with an important teaching.


Here are five such teachings that ‘Shani’ gave us –


1. A person who is arrogant, shrewd in deeds and is impure by heart can never achieve his or her goals in life because of the impurity within and the wrong causes one creates.






2. It is important to strike a balance in this world. If there is no darkness one wouldn’t value light, if there is no sadness one wouldn’t value happiness. Hence, lord Shani tests us in life through difficult situations and makes us understand why it is important to strike the right balance between the two.





3. One is always paid for his or her deeds. Punishments for the wrongs and rewards for the good ones. Sometimes the blessings get delayed, but again it’s the test of one’s faith and perseverance.  Hence it is important not to feel defeated or disappointed but believe that one’s good causes will be rewarded without fail, as lord Shani would never do injustice with anybody.





4. A metal needs to be heated to come in shape, Gold needs to be heated to turn as Kundan. This is what Shani’s ‘Saadhesaati’ does, in the span of those seven years one endures through several things so that one can bring forth the highest potential within and become more capable as a human. It’s a test that works eventually in favor of a human being.





5. In between duties and relations, a person should always give priority to his or her duties first.


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