Five epic things Rimi Sen did in the Bigg Boss which we will never forget!
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So finally Rimi Sen was evicted from the Bigg Boss 9 house and boy o boy, has it been a journey. You might have never seen a contestant in the history of Bigg Boss house who didn’t care to stay (or at least she said that) in the house and did not even properly participate in one task and going on to survive for almost 2 months. Yes, that’s what Rimi Sen is made of.

Here are 5 epic things Rimi has done in the house

The “I don’t give a damn” attitude 

From the start Rimi has had a certain attitude and maybe that is why she has avoided getting in too many involved. This fierce and bold attitude shows that she was more of a ‘in your face’ type person.

Makeup queen

The closest thing to Rimi in the whole house was undoubtedly her makeup. She was so obsessed with her makeup that she even sacrificed the luxury budget of the whole house. It wasn’t exactly good for the house, but what it was, was her true self. 

Not realizing what Bigg Boss was

From the start it was clear that Rimi wasn’t exactly a fan of Bigg Boss and his rules. So she kept breaking them one after other and disobeyed many commands. She was criticized for this behaviour the most.

Cute and Dumb

There is no denying that Rimi was a very cute character in the house too. Her girly habits left the viewers in ‘aww’ of her. But she also displayed some cute faces when she was dumb struck that the show was not scripted.

Faithfulness towards her friends

Rimi might not exactly have been a competitor in the house but she surely was faithful to her friends Prince, Suyyash and Kishwer. She stood by their side like a rock; come hell  or high water.

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