Five Couples who make every day seem like Valentine’s Day!
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  • July 23, 2019
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The ultimate day of love, warmth, and emotions is here! While the world is out there expressing love in numerous romantic ways, we are celebrating love stories that are ever so diverse and unique in its own way. From opposites attracting, love evolving over multiple misunderstandings to just falling in love with each other’s candid selves; these stories are ones to hold on to for a long, long time!


Aarohi and Deep: Over strategizing and plotting their next move, Deep and Aarohi are one unique love story that’s full of understanding each other like nobody else and expressing emotions like no one’s watching.






Dhanak and Raghu: We’ve heard of opposites attract and looking at these two, we want to believe in this term a little more. These two are a little bit of us when it comes to expressing emotions and being there for each other. How does love happen here? Well, we can't wait for their story to unfold either.





Ishika and Roop: When looks convey what the mind is saying out loud – this is the kind of chemistry Roop and Ishika possess. From disliking each to gradually becoming friends and more, this duo is all heart!





Aadhya and Jai: What happens when two completely opposite people start understanding each other’s core to the fullest? Magic, right? Well, we’re fans. What about you?





Bela and Mahir: From sizzling chemistry to fierce protection for each other, #Behir define love for us like none other. Is your chemistry with your special someone just like theirs?





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