Five characteristics of Bajirao Mastani that our potrayed by our Colors stars
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“Love is what binds us, it is what unites us.” Love is that force that can awaken the meekest of hearts. It is that common thread that binds the entire planet. It has been proved time and again that there is no force greater or mightier that has the power to crush the intensity that burns inside two lovers’ hearts.

Bajirao Mastani, a love saga that lives on even today because of the intensity it possessed is a reminder of the power of love. Bajirao Mastani even against all odds stood by each other and rose against the traditions of society till their very last breath. Bold, fearless and passionate, these are only a few characteristics that define them and these very traits have been portrayed by our Colors characters time and again. Here is a look at some of the traits of Bajirao Mastani that our Colors stars helped define on the small screen.



Persuasion: Mastani fell in love with Bajirao the very first time she met him and despite knowing that he is a married man, she followed him back to his home and pursued him till he reciprocated her love. This very passion is quite evident between Tanu and Rishi. Rishi who is deeply in love with Tanu is seen pursuing her time and again in spite of knowing that his marriage is fixed to Tanu’s sister Neha and that Tanu is avoiding him to avoid any bad blood in the family.



Indomitable: The character of Mastani was that of someone who never believed in giving up. She saw herself no lesser than a man and fought her battles on her own terms and conditions. The same indomitable spirit is evident in Simar from Sasural Simar Ka too. Over the years, Simar to has repeatedly faced demons and has had to save her family but not once has she bogged down from putting up an aggressive front



Fearless: Bajirao who was married to Kashi married Mastani despite traditions not allowing for a second marriage. The story of Viplav and Dhani is very much like theirs. In a society where widows aren’t allowed to marry and are forced to cover in a shroud of white, Viplav and Dhani chose to break out of the age old traditions and married against everyone’s wishes.



Passionate: For Bajirao Mastani, loved reigned supreme. Bajirao’s mother did not approve of Bajirao’s relationship with Mastani as it was against Hindu traditions. When Mastani came to stay in the Peshwa household, Bajirao’s mother sent her stay with the courtesans in order to humiliate her. After this incident occurred, Bajirao built another castle near his place to house Mastani. Like Mastani, Thapki too was disliked by her mother-in-law Vasundhara who duped her into getting married to her step son, Bihaan. Even after Vasundhara’s continual efforts to disgrace Thapki in public, Bihaan stood beside her and even went to the extent of facing Vasundhara’s ill intent on his own.



Courageous: Bajirao proclaimed his love for Mastani without hesitation in front of his subjects knowing that the society he lived in didn’t allow for a second marriage, and this required a lot of courage. Aryan accepting Aradhya in spite of her krishndasi lineage is a reflection of the same courage, a trait that often defines great love stories.

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