Five Aww Things of Keith and Rochelle that we Miss in the Bigg Boss House!
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  • November 25, 2015
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Their love story has been the talk of the house since the very first day of Bigg Boss. The way the two were with each other before Keith left the house is very much  an evidence of how much they are truly in love with each other. Here are a few adorable moments that Keith and Rochelle shared that we truly miss in the house.

Being open about their relationship: On the second episode of this season, Rochelle revealed about how the two met the first time on a flight to Bangkok. She also went onto mention how it was her who convinced him and not the other way around. The couple has always been open about their relationship and has never been hesitant about talking about their partners.

Air of intimacy: The couple maintained an air of intimacy and love inside the house. It wasn’t mere flirtation, the house even saw love bloom between the two.  It was nice seeing partners getting close to each other and exchanging gifts and sharing their lovey- dovey moments, despite going through tough times inside the house.  

Never shied away from PDA: The couple never seemed to hesitate when it was about getting things really romantic. Even when there were cameras all around; they managed to find moments to cozy up.

Being ‘adventurous’: The couple decided to spend some quality time inside the pool. They spent some romantic moments with each other and were seen dancing on the song ‘aao huzoor’, on Andy’s insistence.  It was another expression from the couple of how bold they were about their relationship.

Bitter crisp: Their love life got a ‘bitter crisp’ in the house when Keith was seen spending some quality time with Mandana. Remember how Rochelle dragged Keith out of the bedroom while he was trying to have a discussion with Mandana. In spite of such differences, their relationship was always something to look forward to inside the house.

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