Five adorable things that we love about Salman Khan as the Bigg Boss host!
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Salman Khan has always been the ‘host with the most’ when it comes to Bigg Boss. There have been others who have come and gone on the show but it’s Sallu bhai who seemed to have left a mark on the audience. Here are 5 adorable things we love about Salman as the host of the show.

Stardom:Salman Khan is the most loved actor in Bollywood. His stardom knows no boundaries  and people flock from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of their bhaijaan. If you ever pass his house in Bandra, you will definitely see a huge crowd gathering outside his house. Salman bhai, there is certainly no one by far  that matches your charisma!

Uniqueness:If you compare Salman bhai to the other hosts that have come on Bigg Boss, there is no one who the audience loves more than him. He is the only host who returns to host the show year after year due to public demand. His one-liners are to die for and if he breaks into one of his dance moves, you can’t certainly stop yourselves from tapping your shoes too. His style of speaking is ‘hatke’ from the rest!

Weekend Ka Vaar:As audience, we cannot watch our beloved Sallu bhai host the show live; but we can definitely feel his vibes through the means of our TV/computer screens while watching the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss. His grand entries, style of talking, the conversations he has with the guests among other things doesn’t bore us for even a moment. Sallu jaisa koi nahi and weekend par koi bore nahi!

Anchoring:We haven’t seen a host yet who is as good and entertaining as Salman Khan. It doesn’t look like he ever needs a script. He breaks into his own style, speaks his own language and commands the stage like he is born to be on it. Sallu, we all love you!

Friendly with guests:It’s become common to see celebrities come on shows to promote their respective films. Salman, being the lovable kind, not only entertains the guests but makes them feel at home. If you have ever seen the Khan bhai with Eli or Sonali, you would know what we are talking about!

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