First rift between Khushi and Veeru!:Weekly Recap (19th-25th Dec)
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After her rude behaviour towards Siddhant, Roli was crying alone when Manoranjan consoled her. Seeing them together, Khushi went over to humiliate them. But instead, Roli instigated Khushi against Veeru, saying that he would show his true colours when she stopped giving him money.

Siddhant, too, was in a bad mood because of Roli and snapped at Naina when she brought lunch for him, but later apologized to her, too. He also asked her to have some self-respect, because only then, people would respect her.

Back at Bhardwaj house, Khushi found out that Simar had gone out of the house without her permission and declared that Simar would pay for her mistake. Simar, after being rejected by a lot of shops, finally landed at a catering company looking for a job. The caterer, after refusing her, called her back to give her an order for sweets.

Simar returned home with the good news that she had gotten an order for Dadduji sweets, which resulted in smiles all around!

Mataji was overwhelmed that Simar tried to revive Dadduji sweets' name, and they got to finishing the task of preparing 500 laddoos. In all this joy, Roli was sad that Siddhant was still upset with her.

Khushi and Veeru went out on a date where Veeru asked Khushi to handover the sweets shop to him. Khushi agreed initially but remembered Roli's warning, and refused to sign the papers. On the other hand, taking advantage of Khushi's absence, the family started making the laddoos.  When Veeru came home angrily, Roli taunted him again about being Khushi's slave, angering him even more. Khushi returned after Veeru, and got the aroma of the sweets being made by the family and went to investigate.

Just as Khushi was about to barge in on the family, Roli called out loudly to her, alerting the family. Roli distracted Khushi by offering her some of the sweets they were making, after which Khushi went away. The family finished making the 500 laddoos, and after praying to Matarani, they sneaked it out of the house. Roli began talking to Veeru to prevent him from catching them, and Veeru was so riled up because of her taunts that he demanded the shop from Khushi. And when Khushi refused, he grabbed her by the throat and threatened her to hand over the shop within a week. Roli still wasn't impressed, and made fun of Veeru for being satisfied with a small shop, when Khushi had the whole property with her.

Even after the fight, Khushi tried to make up with Veeru as she needed him with her. At Siddhant's office, the staff was laughing at Naina as she dropped a vase. Remembering Siddhant's words, Naina snapped back at them, asking them to look at their own faults before laughing at her.

Back home, Simar and Prem gave the good news that their sweets were liked and they got another big contract. Simar also handed over their first payment to Mataji, which brought tears of happiness to her. But  just as the family was hoping that their glory days would be back, Khushi marched in, and told everyone that they should forget about competing with her for business, and that Dadduji's name could be spoiled as easily as it was established.

This taunt about Dadduji made Simar very angry and she warned Khushi that the next time she did something like this, it would not be tolerated. Simar also asserted that Khushi wouldn't be able to stop the family from regaining their happiness, as she was done with all her tricks. After a while, Veeru called Roli but she ignored him and instead, talked to her fake boyfriend Rahul and made a coffee date with him. In his anger, Veeru dismissed Khushi's worry about Simar and demanded the shop again, making Khushi suspicious.

Siddhant was promoted and given a raise, and he was dying to tell this news to Roli. But when he reached home, Roli was nowhere to be found. Veeru followed Roli to the cafe and saw Roli whispering sweet nothings to Rahul, and got insanely jealous of him.

Meanwhile, Khushi went to the caterer's office and cautioned him about giving the contract to Simar, and managed to convince him to give her a chance.

Watch what happens to Simar's family in the enxt episode.

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