First Nomination will jolt you off your seats!: BB8, Synopsis Episode 4
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While it has just been 3 days since the show has taken-off, the mind games and ego tussles have already started big time in the Bigg Boss house. Only a few hours post the kitchen opened up for the housemates, feelings of resentment and indifferences cropped up almost immediately. Karishma and Sony were the first ones to take to the kitchen and implemented rules to command over the rest. The highlight of the day was the nomination procedure where for the first time the true colors of the housemates surfaced. Friends took a dig at the foes. Upen seemed to resent Diandra & Gautam’s budding romance while on the other hand, Aarya and Karishma have formed an alliance to have each other’s back. 

While Bigg Boss has always introduced various changes in the format of the show over 8 seasons, one thing that has remained unchanged is the authority of Bigg Boss observing rules laid down for the members of the house. This season will be no different as disobedience of any rule of the house would be punishable.  Conversing in Hindi language and not sleeping during the day have been common rules to be observed over the years. When the responsibility of punishing the defaulters was put in the hands of the Secret Society, they unanimously decided to punish Sonali for conversing in English and Gautam for sleeping during the day in spite of continued warnings. The defaulters were made to stand against each other’s back on the wing of flight until they were excused by the Secret Society.

As the day came to a close, the dramatic nomination process put forward by the Secret Society shocked the passengers to no end. Each passenger was asked not just to nominate two fellow passengers whose journey they would want to end this week, but also throw their photographs in a fire barrel while giving a valid reason for their nomination. But this wasn’t the end. To add to the twist, Bigg Boss informed the Secret Society to select two contestants who they would like to send for evictions as well.  With new twists being added at every step of this journey, the show has become more unpredictable than ever before.

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