First Disagreement between Anandi and Shiv
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Jagya’s decision to call off his wedding with Sanchi and get married to Ganga has created a havoc in everyone’s life and the one person who is affected the most is Anandi. Her world has turned upside down as Ira has asked her to cut off all the ties with the badi haveli. But more than Ira’s diktat, her relationship with Shiv is now at stake. 


The couple is going through rough times with their first ever friction in their relationship. Shiv is upset and disappointed with Anandi because he also agrees with Ira that Anandi knew about this trouble coming and she could have avoided it. This time Shiv’s disappointment is pretty serious and intense as  it his sister who is going through trouble .



Anandi is sad as she expected atleast Shiv to be with her and understand her. We asked Anandi aka Toral about Anandi’s state of mind she said “Anandi is worried about Shiv and her relationship. Right now its only this which is playing on her mind and she wants to get this sorted as soon as possible”.


Looks like all the walls are closing in on Anandi. She can’t go to badi haveli or talkto any one there about her situationas she has been asked to de attach herself from them. The only one person who could have given her solace is Shiv but even he is upset with Anandi. 


Anandi knew about Ganga and Jagya and she even thought that both of them are a good match for each other but she never thought their marriage would have such an adverse effect on her own marriage. She wanted Ganga and Jagya to be together but right now all that has taken a back seat. Anandi aka Toral adds “Right now she is not thinking about Jagya and Ganga but she is only thinking about her relationships at kesar bagh. She wants everything to get normal at the same time she is not blaming Jagya for this”.

Anandi and Shiv makes a great couple together and they have been together for a while now to understand each other. We just hope things get sorted between them soon.

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