First challenge for Chakor #Udann
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Chakor has entered a new phase of life a she gets admission in school. Seeing her cross the finish line in inter-school race, the authorities were astonished and decided to give her a chance to join school via sports quota. And being the epitome of innocence she is, very heart-warmingly she won the hearts of school authorities and reserved herself a seat in the school!

But getting the admission wasn’t the end of the goal. Seeing her talent on the sports ground Arjun, the sports trainer, has put a big responsibility on Chakor’s little shoulders.  She is soon to take part in a big race representing the school and Arjun is determined to train her thoroughly. 

While Chakor may love to run as fast as the wind, but who knew that running in shoes may become one of her biggest hurdles! Something like wearing shoes that we take for granted in real life, is soon going to be Chakor’s bone of contention as she will face issues because of it in her training. And her problems just don’t end there…

Hoping to have her parents by her side on such a big day, Chakor is eagerly waiting for her parents to escape from Lucknow. But Bhaiyaji’s hunchmen are going to cause a problem and shatter Chakor’s dreams. 

But will Ishwar resurrect Chakor’s hopes and get her the much needed support for her on the day of her race? And will Chakor conquer a win the first race of her life?

Keep watching this space for more updates!

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