Finally,Upen speaks up!
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  • October 28, 2014
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Upen is feeling quite dejected ever since the last weekend ka vaar when as he was questioned by the caller of the week about his relation with Soni. He is taking his own time to recover from such an unexpected and an unwanted shock! It feels so bad to see such a good looking, drop dead gorgeous hunk with a gloomy face! psst psst… I saw him trying very hard to feel okay about everything and forget whatever had happnend, but the whole incident has become a nightmare for him. I felt as if he was just waiting for a moment where he could fire Gautam about making jokes about him and Soni, like how Soni called him ‘You-Pen’ and how the the bro-sis duo stood only  for each other and never bothered for anything else. Upen spoke out everything that was in his heart.


All this happened while the housemates were severely criticizing Ali’s behavior towards Sonali when Upen was also having a debate with Gautam. Just when I felt they all had had it for the day, and was about to get a little relaxed mentally, the P3G of the house jumped up accusing Ali once again saying that he had given a very wrong picture of what was being thought about the housemates in the outside world.


In my hindsight, I very strongly feel that everyone in the house loves to create mountain out of a mole whenever they spot any opportunity.  I hope somebody in the house proves me wrong  ,but who could that be? Who in the house is genuinely different from all the rest?



Let's wait and watch!




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