Finally, Siddhant Faces The Reality #SSK
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Bhardwaj house is going through a panic attack as they find out both Roli and Jatin missing from the house. Rajendra calls Prem and Siddhant but, both disconnect his call thinking what will they answer to the family when asked about Roli.

Meanwhile, Simar and Shruti are horrified as the Naagin is approaching to attack both of them but Amar comes in between with a mashaal and a gun and fights the Naagin. Amar warns the Naagin that she shouldn’t harm any of them as the ‘Sandook’ is still with them. Naagin then calms down and transforms back to Roli.

Simar, Shruti and Amar are stunned looking at her. Simar apologizes to Roli pleading her to leave her family alone and takes all the blame on her. Simar tells Roli the only reason she did all this was to save her sister and Roli can take back the ‘Sandook’ and leave them alone. Roli then reveals the whole story about why she is behind Shruti’s life. She confesses that her husband was also an Icchadhaari Naag and he was the same ‘Naag’ that had bit Siddhant. But, the ‘Naag’ died when it was made to take the poison back. Roli believes that there is a part of her husband in Siddhant and she wants to take him along with her and she won't leave before that.

Prem and Siddhant arrive at the temple and Siddhant hears Roli accepting that she is an ‘Icchadhaari Naagin’. He Screams Roli and runs towards Shruti and hugs her with all his emotions.

Will the ‘Icchadhaari Naagin’ take Siddhant along with her, away from the Bhardwaj Family? Or will Siddhant fight for the love of his life?

To find out what happens next keep watching Sasural Simar Ka only on Colors.

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