Filmy twist in Bigg Boss
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The day in the house begins with the song ‘Ole Ole’. Housemates see the Director's chair in the garden area and Sapna immediately goes and sits on the chair telling Delnaz that sitting on the chair has been her dream. 

When the housemates get together to have tea in the garden area, Rajev makes fun of Imam in front of all the housemates, while Imam is sitting and watching the live feed from the other room. Soon, Bigg Boss talks to Imam and tells him that he will soon be in the house with other housemates when he refuses and says that he would not want to go there and instead wants to leave. Imam breaks down and tells Bigg Boss that he cannot play the game anymore and he does not want to associate his brand with the kinds of the other housemates. 

As the day passes, Rajev and Delnaz have an argument over Delnaz’s mother and brother visiting the house and talking against Rajev. Rajev tells Delnaz that he is not answerable to anyone and that he does not want anyone make personal comments on him. Post the argument, Urvashi is seen talking to Delnaz that how Delnaz denies it, but Rajev’s presence does affect her. Rajev on the other hand goes inside the room post the argument and breaks down.  

Bigg Boss soon asks Imam to enter the house back. Imam goes through the store room where Niketan was locked, and while Niketan greets him with warmth, he refuses to talk. Sapna is excited to see Imam, but Imam asks her to calm down and tells the entire house that he is back with vengeance against each one of them and asks them all to return all his gifts back. Urvashi then talks to Sapna about how Imam has messed with her twice on the show and once she is out; she will ensure that she takes revenge from him.

In the evening, Farah Khan enters the house and the housemates are glad to see her. She tells them that she has been watching all the episodes and is here to give them all a task, but before that, she would want to sit down and talk to each one of them. She soon gets all of them to do fun acts together and gets them say a few dialogues from the movies ‘Sholay’ and ‘Silsila’. She gets Imam and Rajev to dance together while Delnaz and Sana do an act where they are fighting for one man. Farah also discusses the spat that Imam had with Salman and tells Imam that at times he goes overboard. She tells him that Shahrukh Khan was a big face even before he thought of casting him in the ad film and that he should control his emotions. She soon is asked to leave the house. Farah talks to Rajev and Imam about their pointless fights and tells them that Imam is definitely an entertainer.  

In the night, Imam is seen settling scores with every contestant inside the house. On one hand he goes to Urvashi and patches up while on the other he goes and lies to Sana, Rajev and Delnaz saying his act in the evening was just a secret task given to him by Bigg Boss. While he talks to the three in a very friendly manner, all three of them ignore him.

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