Feathers ruffled again thanks to Karishma’s mean act!
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The story goes like this. Big Boss called Karishma inside the confession room and asked her to mark scores for each housemate based on their individual performances during the luxury budget task on a scale of 1 to 100. She took a while to decide and scribble down the scores for each of them. As she came out, the others gave her a suspicious look as she herself had an odd expression on her face! Though she told Pritam and Upen about the ranking, however later she preferred keeping mum until the next announcement by Big Boss.


Later, Big Boss announced the scores for all given by Karishma. Adding to that, Big Boss also mentioned how this would affect the luxury budget items that they were going to get. Everybody, except a few, were absolutely shocked with the scores they received!


Karishma gave the scores like this. Upen 95 on 100, herself 85 on 100, Sonali 30 on 100, Gautam 40 on 100 and Diandra 95 and so on!! Sonali who couldn’t hold her sarcastic laughter said “Arre mujhe itna zyada score diya! Mujhe laga 0 se zyada nahi milega”.Praneet who received a very low score expressed “Thoda zyada de deti yaar”.


Karishma, who once again brought her personal issues and became biased in between was asked to choose top 4 members who would decide on the final luxury items the housemates would receive with the final points given to them. Karishma naturally chose her BFFs Upen, Pritam, Diandra and herself for the same! Pheeww!


Puneet, who was working out along with Praneet and Pritam later in the day, severely criticized KT’s act. In fact Puneet called her ‘A Dufferandu’ and said she was literally brainless! The discussion majorly involved things that said how everyone worked truly hard to make the party a success but she was taking all the credit for herself and her besties!


But what I realized was,P3G coming back again,even just be it for this reason! Nice!


Watch what other housemates had to discuss about KT in tonight’s episode!



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