Family & Friends of Bigg Boss housemates once again give them a pleasant surprise!
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  • December 26, 2017
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The Bigg Boss housemates could have never imagined that they would get yet another surprise! Which is having their family members and friends entering the Bigg Boss house once again this season! But this time the purpose is different! They all enter this time to be part of a task given to the housemates.





These beloved members enter as padosis of the housemates!



To give a little bit of hint of what’s coming up tonight, let us tell you that Shilpa’s brother, Luv’s mother, Vikas’s mother, Bandgi, Hina’s beau Ro, Akash’s mother and Priyank’s mother will make an entry tonight.



To make things even more exciting the housemates will be seen seated in the living area as one by one these padosis will make an entry.





The joy and happiness of the housemates will know no bounds and that moment is epic!



And just then Bigg Boss announces the whole idea behind having them. Bigg Boss’s letter introduces the task called ‘Ghar Aaye Gharwaale’, as per this each housemate will compete the other in order to please and win heart of the padosis.



The task not only excites the housemates but energizes them to gear up for this competition!



The first task is for each housemate to cook and offer the dish to the padosis and them to decide whose dish was the best!



Keep watching this space to know what more is in store!

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