Exclusive: Kishwer’s mother says the idea of spitting came from Yuvika!
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Of all the Housemates inside the Bigg Boss house, Kishwer Merchantt has been the most controversial one. She fought tooth and nail to be fair while performing tasks and has been quite an extrovert in expressing herself or even putting her opinions in front of everyone. 

Recently we saw her spit in Rishabh's water and that has crated some stirring reaction amongst people. We spoke to Kishwer's mother about her performance in the house, let's see what she has to say about her daughter dearest.  


On Kishwer's personality and performance.

Kishwer is bubbly and genuine. She is not playing the game. She has always taken a stand and voiced her opinion about anything she felt is wrong.


On Kishwer being criticized for defending Suyyash.

Firstly, this statement that Kishwer always defends Suyyash is absolutely false. Offcourse, Suyyash is entitle to take his own stand and  should defend himself and he is doing that theres no doubt. Kishwer doesn’t always fight for Suyyash’s stand it has just become a topic. She just said if you have any complaint about me why you go and talk about it with Suyyash just come directly to me and tell about it.


On Kishwer and Rishabh's rapport

Rishabh is just another contestant but he acts like a terrorist, threatening everyone.  I am sure he is being supported by someone and being sent in Big Boss house to create some gossip and fights intentionally. He lied to Mandana that Kishwer does back bitching and Mandana actually couldn’t believe that because she knows they are very good friends now. The way he told to Kishwer that I will have a one on one with you in the end was obnoxious. Kishwer is not going to tolerate this and is waiting for his one on one. Actually no one likes Rishabh. No one can stand him in house or outside house.


On the Hotel Task and Kishwer being treated like a dog.

I know it’s a game and Rishabh is being asked to frustrate anyone of the house mate. Though it felt horrible and being a mother its natural to feel like this way. Every friend and relative called up. They too felt bad about it. Rishabh is playing a dirty game.  What he did was more of a personal grudge.  Even after doing all this if they won’t win this task it will be a demotivation for the whole team and everyone will become Rimi Sen.


About  Kishwer spitting in the glass of water and offering Rishabh.

That was a “silent frustration” because she knows she was being targeted but cant do anything about it. Originally, the idea came from Yuvika when she said I will taste the juice first and then will give it to Rishabh. 

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