Exclusive: Five things Nora revealed during the live chat
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  • January 8, 2016
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This week saw the eviction of the epitome of cuteness and one of the most clever individuals in the Bigg Boss double trouble house. 

She kept her calm and charm in all the situations and managed to put on a smiling face each time. During her live chat she got up, close and personal. Let's see what ” Nora” is like when she opens up for her fans.

Any guessses.. 

I guess it's no surprise that she was repeatedly asked to clarify her status with Prince and about his small confession of saying “I love you” to her and breaking the hearts of many girls all over the world.Nora was adamant about her decision of taking things slow and getting to know the real Prince outside the show. We really would want to know if this love story will have a happy ending…?

The love triangle.. 

Oh no no.  There was a square…? It's super complicated in short .She opened up about what all happened between Prince and Yuvika and that it didn't matter to her at all since she made her own choices and judgements.As far as Rishabh was concerned, she admitted that he is the funniest guy around and had a stubborn image but as it is said 'the heart wants what it wants'. Prince and Nora look great together and we wish them all the luck for the future.

Shake it off Nora style!!

Nora believed in dancing your problems and fat away. She is not trained but she can put experts to shame with those moves. One can truly relate with her 'beauty behind the madness'. Let's hit the dancing classes ladies!!

Her Bigg Boss memorable moments..

Nora was in a fix when it came to this question. Her first memorable moment was when they met Shahrukh Khan and the second one was when she danced with Gutthi on the New Year's night. Meeting Shahrukh would be anyone's dream come true.

Rapid fire!!!

She answered regarding the  housemates and called Mandana the most irritating person and Kishwer as a caring and loving person. She also said that people in the house should not be hated since its the circumstances which made them aggressive and impulsive.

And the winner should be..

Nora wants Prince to carry home the winner's trophy and expressed her plans to not spill the beans about their future. Awww… That's so adorable.

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