Exclusive: Ex-contestants bet on their favorites!
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With just five housemates left to go and five days to the season’s finale, the buzz around as to who will win the most coveted prize has reached an all time high. Each and every housemate that has reached the top five have proved time and again, the reason as to why they deserve to be on the top. It’s going to be a tough finale not just for the contestants but also for thousands of viewers across the world who have voted for their favorite throughout these months. As we look at the weeks gone by, let’s have a peek into what some of the previous contestants said about the current inmates and who all they are betting on.


RJ Pritam who was a season 8 contestant on Bigg Boss has placed his bets on Mandana, Keith and Rishabh. Pritam revealed that Rishabh according to him was the underdog and Prince was merely playing the game as seen last week when Kishwer got evicted.


For Diandra Soares, our Bigg Boss 8 contestant, Keith it is all the way.


VJ Andy feels it could be either Mandana or Rochelle. On one hand while Andy feels that Mandana should win because she has a fan following, and on the other he feels Rochelle deserves to win. For him the two biggest game players in the house are definitely Prince and Rishabh.


“Keith is a classy guy and doesn’t get into unnecessary pangas” said season 6 contestant Delnaaz. She even went onto say how she feels he is a straight forward guy and sees a Delnaaz in him. For Delnaaz, so far all of them have been playing the game pretty well.


Season 6 contestant, Vrajesh is betting on Mandy dearest.


Season 8 contestant Renee Dhyani who like Prince has the same background in reality television wants him to win. For Renee, Mandy is too fake.


For season 7 contestant Kamya, Rishabh should win as she feels he is straight forward and doesn’t do back biting.Kamya said Prince is the real game player in the house.


Aashka Goradia, season 6 contestant is definitely vouching for Keith as she feels he is a very sorted out person.


It’s Keith again for Season 6 contestant Rajeev Paul. For Rajeev, there are no game players in the house.


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