Exclusive: 5 things Suyyash revealed during the live chat!
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Suyyash, the Romeo boy, of the Bigg Boss house was evicted recently from the house. His journey came to an end after 12 weeks of solid presence in the house. 

Here are 5 things that he revealed in his live chat that every Bigg Boss fan must know-

‘Shararati Bachche and Murder Mystery were my favorite tasks’

Suyyash said that though he did almost all the tasks in the Bigg Boss house, Shararati Bachche and Murder Mystery were his favorite ones. He had a lot of fun during both of these tasks. Suyyash wasn't the only one who thought it to be the most fun; as viewers we also absolutely enjoyed every bit of it.

'Prince is a real friend’

Many times it has been said in the Bigg Boss house that a lot of people make friends only for their own selfish purposes. But Suyyash had a different tune here. He said that Prince Narula was his true friend and that he will continue to be. Awww…Isn't that sweet!

‘I have changed as a human’

Well, there are no questions about the fact that people who enter the Bigg Boss house undergo a change. But Suyyash made a bold statement saying that this game changed him as a human being and he has learnt a lot in the house that he would keep in his mind for the rest of his life. Bigg Boss house is a tough place to be and we are sure this experience is life changing for everyone that has ever gone into the house.

‘Aman was the ultimate Kamchor’

Suyyash also said that Aman Verma was the ultimate Kamchor of the house as he always kept avoiding his work. He recalled some instances where he tried avoiding his work. That's such a shame! Aman, we now know your little secret!

‘Rishabh is using Priya’

Suyyash made a shocking revelation that Rishabh is using Priya just to progress on in the game. He said even though Priya considers Rishabh as a good friend, Rishabh does not. He is just using her to win the game. Ouchies…! We hope Priya realises that in time.

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