Excited to be a part of my favorite show: Sargun Mehta
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Sargun Mehta has stepped in to play Ganga in Balika Vadhu and it is a challengeing job says Sargun as she is exactly opposite to the character in real life. Her boy friend, actor Ravi Dubeywas shocked to see her blushing as Ganga and she was super excited to be a part of her favorite show. So let’s talk to Sargun on being Ganga.

How does it feel to step in such a hugely popular show?

It feels great.  I was Balika Vadhu fan since it started. I always loved it. Initially I was an avid watcher of the show but then gradually as I got busy with my shows it became difficult to keep a track. But it feels amazing to be a part of such a beautiful show. I am excited. 

Did you have any apprehension to step in to do a character which was already made popular by another actress?

I obviously did, infact I was very unsure to take it up. I don’t go for replacements but because it was Balika Vadhu, I gave it a second thought. And also I think nowadays replacements have become very common in TV industry so then I was like, why not. And Ravi was very sure. He insisted that I take it up as it’s a big popular show.

What was Ravi’s reaction on seeing you as Ganga?

He was shocked. He never thought I could be so coy and shy. He was shocked to see that main sharma sakti hu. He told me real life mein kyu nahi itna sharmati (she laughs). But he is very happy to see me as Ganga and he has been a constant motivation for me. 

What do you like about Ganga?

I like the strength of the character. She is very strong yet soft and lovable. Ek dum chup rehna wali ladki jo ki main bilkul bhi nahi hoon. And that’s what excites me, to do something which is completely opposite to my personality.

How did you prepare? Did you get enough time to get in to the character?

I didn’t get any time. I got a call at 11 in the night saying I have to start shooting next day morning 8. By the time the feeling sunk in it was already 8. But my co stars are very good, my director is very helpful so I know I don’t have to worry and things will fall in place aptly. 

What do you think about your onscreen husband Jagya?

He is a very sweet guy, very cordial and helping. It has been a good time till now working with him. Oh and I think he is a very good actor. And in fact everyone around are so good and experienced that you feel good and you want to do better.

Any message for the fans of balika vadhu ?

You have loved Balika Vadhu and all its character till now. You have given Sriti lot of love and I want you all to bless me also with your love. I promise to do a good job and not anyone let down. 

On that note we wish Sargun all the very best for her role and hope she manages to make a place in the hearts of all the Balika Vadhu fans.


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