Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Shani Dev
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According to Hindu mythology, Lord of Saturn otherwise known as Shani Dev is the lovechild of Surya Bhagwan (The Sun God) and a clone named Chhaya. Legend has it that Surya’s wife Sangya willfully created a duplicate twin of herself from her own shadow, and thus, appropriately named her Chhaya. She created Chhaya to ensure that her children Yama and Yami, were looked after properly while she was away, to practice and attain spiritual austerity. Sangya kept Chhaya’s identity a secret from Surya.  Surya being unaware about the true nature of Chhaya is what led to the birth of Shani Dev – the ultimate Karma-Phal-Data!


1. Shani Dev is the dispenser of justice in the Universe and the ultimate decision maker of good and evil Karma. This is why he is referred to as the ‘Karma-Phal-Data Shani.


2. The power to construct and de-construct the Universe rests in the hands of the mighty and temperamental Lord Shani.

IMG_34253. Lord Shani was born to maintain the Karmic balance in the World.

4. Shani’s lifeline is his mother; he worships her, lives by her word and defends her with his life. 


5. His punishments manifest in the form of personal hardships and suffering for those who have not followed the path of righteousness. 


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