Everything is fair in Love and War…especially on Bigg Boss! Synopsis EP 22
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The day after eliminations is always a calm one. But where there is a calm, there is always a storm approaching. Day 23 inside the Bigg Boss house will kick off with a Punjabi tadka as the contestants wake up to a Bhangra song. However, later in the morning, the dancing will be long forgotten when Sushant will  accidentally hurt his left eye post a glass breaks on the table. He immediately rushes to rinse his eyes and medicates himself through eye drops which Sonali gives to him. While he feels better immediately, a doctor comes in to check him and prescribes a precautionary medicine to ensure that there is no hidden injury which could spring up on a later date.


Though sanity returns to the house,  Bigg Boss soon announces nominations for the upcoming week. As all the contestants prepare to name those they would want to see evicted from the Bigg Boss house, a googly is thrown at them when Bigg Boss asks them to name the one contestant they would want to ‘save’ from eliminations in the coming week. Many are taken aback by this turn of events and an uneasiness sets in as they rethink their strategies and name those they would like to protect.


In the evening, the task ‘Rose Day’ is introduced, wherein the contestants are asked to present roses as a thank you measure to the contestants that they believe have saved them from eviction. The process ruffles a lot of feathers as the foes are misunderstood to be friends and the friends are left wondering where they went wrong in highlighting their relationship. In fact, many feathers were ruffled as a couple of contestants did not receive any roses at all!


While the contestants recovered from the rose day task, another task was introduced at night called ‘Gharwale Jaan-na Chahte Hai’ which was moderated by Gautam. As a part of this task, the contestants were asked the questions which they had anonymously put down last week. What transpired next saw some changing equations in relationships with new friendships being cemented.


To know what the contestants got to know about each other and who are the new contenders up for elimination this week, don’t miss tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss Season 8, at 9 pm, only on COLORS.

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