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Armaan gets a vision that Kavya is kissing him and just when reality strikes him back his dream is broken. Daksh compels Kavya and on the other hand Veer is chasing a bison’s shadow and he follows a trail of blood. Daksh comes and tells Armaan that Mr. Oneroi is his dad. Veer and Tina are trying to get hold of the Mahish, but he is too powerful for them. Daksh tells Armaan the story of his childhood and how his father threw them out of the house. Kavya, who’s in the basement hears everything and is alerted when she hears Sikander’s name. Daksh comes up with a deal with Armaan, Veer and Eisha and they think over it.


Meanwhile, Veer and Eisha are having a fun banter on the number of siblings the Oberoi’s have and Armaan is serious about this matter. Eisha insists on taking up the deal as there is no alternative to be safe anyway. Mehak comes and delivers the box of the kada, broach and nakel. Maahir steps out and is confused seeing the box but once he wears the 3 an unimaginable power takes over him and he transforms into a bison. Eisha and Sudha again have a confrontation about their relationship and then once Sudha leaves her house, she meets Veer outside and gives him a stake with which they might be able to have a chance against the Rajvanshis. Veer comes and shows the knife to Armaan, and he is very sceptical regarding the same.


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