Epic Fight breaks between the wild cats…oops the wild cards!
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  • November 11, 2014
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It was an action sequence! I saw Renee banging the dining table in a fit of rage and turning over the chair with a kick after being prompted by Dimpy repeatedly owing to a huge confusion about the task.


While as per the rules, only two butlers could be at work at any given time but Renee was seen repeatedly asking the third butler to run errands for her, to which Nigaar and Dimpy objected. But I felt Renee somewhere wanted to show the audience what her ‘Real Roop’ is , as she is known for her boisterous and impulsive nature. Later during the day Renee kept on passing personal comments over Dimpy, which wasn’t taken in a stride by Dimpy as well. Especially when she heard Renee telling something as personal as “Aap kya cheez ho puri duniya jaanti hai.” 


Karishma blew upon the statement too! Dimpy was heard openly challenging Renee for the next time she tries to mess around with her.She told Karishma she wouldn’t leave Renee for her deeds and for overreacting on things. Dimpy said she never imagined her and Renee being the latest entry in house having a squabble so soon. Wooooff!! Just imagine if this is the beginning what will we see in near future?


Watch the epic Cat-fight tonight at 9 pm!


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