End of Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s friendship?
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  • January 6, 2020
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Post Shefali Bagga’s eviction based on the decision of the housemates, what’s Madhurima Tuli’s second chance in the house going to be like? In tonight’s episode, Rashami, Madhurima, and Vishal are seen sitting in the garden area where an argument springs up between the couple which in turn takes an ugly spin. With disrespectful comments and gestures like hitting the other person with slippers, Vishal and Madhurima’s fight is something that gets noticed by everybody in the house. Bigg Boss then calls them inside the confession room and asks them to resolve their issues as it is more of a personal matter. Vishal, however, demands only justice against Madhurima’s violent behavior. He sternly mentions that if no action is taken, he will quit the show and leave the house. Bigg Boss initiates an open discussion in front of the housemates about the issue and asks the housemates to mutually decide if any one of them wants to make a voluntary exit from the show and opens up the gate.



Going forward, Sidharth and Shehnaaz also seem to have an argument in the house. On being tagged as a jealous and insecure person, Shehnaaz is clearly upset and annoyed with Sidharth. He is also seen praising Mahira just to annoy Shehnaaz which isn’t received very well by her. As a result of this, Shehnaaz is terribly affected and breaks down in the house. How will things pan out between them going forward? Is this the end of their friendship?




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