Empowered women of Colors will teach you how to be a new age woman
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There are some qualities in a women which are so endearing that no one is capable of matching. Whether it’s her courage, strength or beauty (inner) and these are the very traits that shape up some of the characters on Colors. Here are five qualities that every compassionate and strong man desires in a woman.



Someone who stands by as a rock:The poise and elegance with which a woman/man carries himself/herself in society is a direct reflection of the support that his/her better half provides. It could be as minuscule as lending support when all odds are against you just like in the case of Shivanya who is always there to support Ritik like the time Sesha poisoned his kheer and she concocted a herbal cure for him. Or when Ranveer was accused of killing Milan and Ishani just to get medicines from Nirbhay testified against Ranveer in court. To stand by your partner against oddities is mark of great strength.




Someone who is efficient yet humble:To put one’s need above others is one of the greatest virtues and this very quality is predominant in both Dhani and Ishani from Ishq ka Rang Safed and Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi respectively. Filled with compassion both these leading ladies have known to keep others happiness before their own. The two do it in such a manner that it brings them and their loved ones peace and protection.



Someone who is full of life and can make people laugh:No one likes a partner or a friend who is too serious or uptight. Everyone hopes to find someone with whom they can share a laughter and just have a light time with, because life is full of ups and downs and what better way to combat it than laughter itself. Someone like Bharti from Comedy Night Bachao is a perfect blend of intelligence, humour and a quick wit.




Take on the world with utmost confidence: Life is difficult with great challenges to be faced. Having a strong partner by your side is the biggest support. A woman who loves herself and the people around is ready to put up a fight for her rights. Like Chakor from Udann, who is on a mission to save herself and her family from the bandhua mark or Simar from Sasural Simar Ka, who fights against evil forces to keep her family safe. Entrenched with a zest of life and confidence, women like them can fend for their loved ones when in dire need.




Woman who is a superhero(ine): Woman who enjoys her personal space as well as be the best mother to her children and also balance her professional life is nothing less than a superhero. Anandi from Balika Vadhu is the perfect example, who doesn’t walk away from things just because they get tough and hasn’t let her consequences define who she is. Balancing her personal life with her professional commitments, Anandi is a great example of someone who can write her own destiny.

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