Emotions flare up in the Bigg Boss house: Synopsis Ep 38
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The Bigg Boss house is a place that makes you realize things that probably wouldn't have crossed you otherwise. The luxury budget task going on is a perfect example of an eye opener that will leave some contestants touched and emotional.

Karishma who was the first victim to find herself in the middle of a phone booth task by merely picking up the phone gets replaced by Puneet. He is now on the radar to get nominated directly for next week if he doesn't accomplish the tasks given to him over the phone. After being awake almost the whole night, Puneet will be seen struggling to complete his first task of convincing Diandra and Karishma to give up their make up to Bigg Boss. After an intense tete-e-tete with Pritam and other housemates over Puneet and his task, Karishma finally agrees to give all her make up items.

After a difficult night in the morning Puneet is asked to name one person whom he trusts the most. He is then asked to convince Praneet to rob Sushant and Aarya’s soft toys. Agreeing to the given request to save Puneet Ji, Praneet successfully robs the soft toys and accomplishes the second task. Later during the day Puneet is asked to name one person whom he dislikes the most in the house. Puneet takes Minissha’s name. He is then asked to convince Minissha to get a cue card for him and in order to get it she has to pick out garbage from a huge bin. Without even giving it a second thought Minissha agrees to do this task to support Puneet. Puneet breaks down seeing the same girl that he nominated every week and also dislikes the most put in her heart and soul in the task given to him. He further adds that this is a big moment for him and after completing the task he will want to touch Minissha’s feet and thank her.

After this big emotional outburst Puneet then picks out Sushant to replace him inside the phone booth, who similarly takes over the task process for the luxury budget. Sushant tries his best to accomplish the tasks as directed to him on the phone. Later in the evening while announcing the results of the task, Bigg Boss also appreciates the efforts put in by Karishma and Puneet in accomplishing the given task along with other members who supported them.

While Karishma and Puneet have been successful in saving themselves from the danger of being nominated for eviction, it will be interesting to see how Sushant fairs in the given tasks.


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