Elli is not Fake: Manish Paul
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Not only Salman Khan but all of us out here are also awestruck by the innocence and tutti futti hindi of Elli. Slowly and gradually she is making her mark in the game and as well as in our hearts. We caught up with her friend and co-star Manish Paul, and we bet you wouldn’t want to miss this.


Last week you went to promote your movie, how was your experience inside the Bigg Boss house?
Before we start let me tell you that I would say only what is needed and whatever would go unedited. Yes, so where were we? My experience was good, very good.


How do you think Elli is playing the game?
I have not been following the show, but I think she must be playing really well and being herself, that is how she actually is as a person.


In the past week we saw a lot of friction between Elli and Kamya, what do you have to say about that?
I can’t comment on this.

Elli Avram


Elli comes out to be really sweet and innocent, unaware of all the politics that is happening inside the house? Is she her real self?
She is very much in her skin. She is like that only and she doesn’t believe in faking an attitude.


How was it working with her?
Ohh, it was a great experience. She is great.


List 5 things that you like about Elli?
She is a good actress and a good human being. She is sweet, lovable and humble. I hope I have made it till five, right?


And now 5 things that you dislike about her
Ooh, I love everything about her. In fact all of us out here love Elli as a complete package.


Is there anything that you want to share with us about Elli, that hasn’t come across so far?
She is very genuine. People might term her ‘Being Fake’, but that’s the way she is.


Who is your favorite contestant inside the house, apart from Elli?
It would be Gauahar, I have known her for quite sometime now.


Any message?
Don’t worry Elli, play your game. And I’m promoting our movie with all my heart and soul. And to you guys, I’m sorry I just wish I could have said a lot more.

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