Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan: One misfortune strikes after the other for Kunal.
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Immense sadness creeped in Chauhan household ever since Kunal’s real identity came into picture. Kunal and Meghna had to leave the house forever.

On the other hand as we saw Nandkishore’s behavior totally changed towards Sandhya and Kunal, and all of a sudden he changed his attitude towards Karan too, his own son whom he never paid heed to before.




For Kunal its gets too difficult to handle all the setbacks happening one after the other, undoubtedly his wife Meghna by his side all the time gives him immense encouragement and hope to fight the unpleasant happenings in his life.

We recently saw how Meghana assured Kunal that he is quite capable of getting the job for which he applied. Kunal in fact impresses the manager during the interview and gets the job too but post the interview the interviewer gets a call from Nandkishore which leads him telling Kunal that the offer given to him was terminated.




Everyone gets shocked at this, including Karan who was on phone talking to Meghana. The interviewer also tells in front of everyone that it’s come in the newspaper that Kunal is not related to the Chauhan family anymore, and that he should remove the ‘Chauhan’ surname from his name too. Kunal feels too humiliated once again.

In the meanwhile Karan feels the pain for his brother too.  Karan and Naina are both seen missing Kunal and Meghana.


Naina even expresses her willingness to cook Kunal’s favorite dish even if he wasn’t around.

Nandkishore has gone against Kunal by all means? Does this mean the latter’s suffering would take too long to end? How will Meghana help him out of this?

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