Each housemate to be a claimant for captaincy in ‘BB Day Care’ task!
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  • December 5, 2017
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In tonight’s episode everybody gets excited to know that this time for captaincy every housemate will be a claimant.





‘BB DayCare’ task is organized in the house wherein each housemate has a baby doll on their name kept in each pram. The housemates act as babysitters and are given responsibility of each other’s dolls. These dolls need to be taken care of just like real babies.





A sound of baby crying played in the house at regular intervals will require these housemates to take their respective prams in the parking lot present in the garden area and park them. Each parking lot can have only one pram parked in it. The housemate who is unable to have a parking lot to be out of this game.





It will be interesting to see which housemate gets whose name and whether this will lead to yet another rift in the Bigg Boss house.





Who do you think deserves to be the next captain? Will the housemates’ strategy work this time?



Catch the full action in tonight’s episode!


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