Drashti’s tryst with Luck and Superstition
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  • May 23, 2014
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Drashti Dhami’s superior acting skills and popularity have now made Madhubala a household name across the nation. Drashti, an A-lister from the world of television, swapped her life with a visually challenged nimbu-mirchi seller on COLORS’ show, Mission Sapne.

To earn as much as possible so that she would be able to release some of the pressure on the nimbu-mirchi seller’s life, Drashti toiled all day long at a busy traffic signal in Goregaon, Mumbai. During the course she learned how to put together the nimbu-mirchi and also the importance of placing 7 mirchis…an omen of good luck and prosperity.

While for many, items bringing luck is a sign of superstition, Drashti begs to differ because this superstition has brought some stability and ease to her life. While preparing the nimbu-mirchi, Drashti revealed how she developed her faith in using nimbu-mirchi through a peculiar incident.

On an unfortunate day, Drashti’s car met with an accident which scared her quite a bit. Upon her mother’s instruction, Drashti decided to hang nimbu-mirchi on her car as an experiment to see if the superstition was true. And behold! The actor revealed that ever since she put the nimbu-mirchi on her car, she has remained in the safe zone and has in fact, never met with an accident!


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