Dost Dost Naa Raha #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 96
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As the countdown begins to the Grand Finale of this season of Bigg Boss, the rage of competitiveness is racing through the house and is also resulting in a lot of misunderstandings and disputes amongst the housemates. 
Early in the morning, Tanishaa is seen talking to Ajaz while Armaan has an annoyed look on his face. When Armaan spots Tanishaa offering breakfast and tea to Ajaz, he warns Tanishaa to avoid mingling around with Ajaz. Tanishaa is surprised to see signs of insecurity coming from Armaan but feels good about the possessiveness Armaan shows for her.

Later in the morning, while Sangram is busy with his yoga session, Ajaz happens to pass comments on him and even ends up calling him spineless. Sangram gets offended by Ajaz’s remarks and warns him to stay away from him. Sangram also makes Ajaz realise that it was because of Sangram that he could win the luxury budget task Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Ajaz clarifies that it was because of Armaan and not Sangram that he could make his place secure in the finale. 


While Sangram and Ajaz continue to squabble in the garden area, Andy is seen getting miffed with Sangram for his hypocritical behaviour in the kitchen. When Sangram enters the room, he finds Andy expressing his discontentment for him and how he has let him down. Sangram tries to provide an explanation for his behaviour but Andy refuses to indulge in any conversation with him. Further when Sangram insists, Andy snaps at him and blames him for faking friendship with him and for running away when Andy needed him the most.  Sangram gets agitated listening to Andy put allegations on him that results in an ugly fight. Further, Sangram leaves the room in order to avoid any further altercations. 
Later in the day, after the fight subdues, Tanishaa goes up to Andy and tries to make him understand that Sangram is his best friend and their dispute is because of the difference in opinion. Tanishaa further advices Andy to calm down and have a peaceful conversation with Sangram in private. Armaan on the other side tells Sangram that Andy loves him a lot and that he should apologise to him. Sangram agrees with Armaan and decides to resolve the matter.

Towards the afternoon, when Gauahar is seated in the bedroom, Ajaz makes another attempt to talk to her. But when Gauahar ignores him completely, Ajaz feels insulted and leaves the place. As the day proceeds, Sangram makes the first move to apologise Andy. Sangram accepts all his mistakes in front of Andy and asks for forgiveness. As Sangram justifies himself, he bursts into tears and gives Andy a tight hug. Even Andy is unable to hold back his emotions and breaks down. 

Later in the evening, while Andy and Ajaz are talking and calling each other funny names, Ajaz goes a little overboard and passes personal comments on him. Andy dislikes the fact that Ajaz is crossing the limit and decides to irritate him even further. As the day comes to an end, luxury budget items related task is announced where the housemates are asked to sit next to each other in a straight line and pass on the goods to each other with their mouth. The housemates have to take care that they do not drop any luxury budget item as it won’t fetch them any points. They successfully manage to put together a table full of luxury budget goods at the end of the task. 

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