Dost-Dost Na Raha: Bigg Boss Synopsis Ep 65
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  • November 24, 2014
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Relationships in the Bigg Boss house have seen their ups and downs. But in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss, the extent to which relationships have been soured following Nigaar’s eviction will become completely clear. Even as Nigaar steps out of the house, the fight amongst contestants continues on as they all react strongly to what was said before host Salman Khan. Be it Ali for his brash behavior, or Diandra for her claims, every contestant finds themselves in the line of fire.

As a brand-new day rises, the air of uncertainty and upheavals bears heavily on the minds of the contestants. The feeling that their friends are talking about them and saying some not-so-pleasant things remains on the top of their minds. But as all the day progresses, the contestants learn to put that feeling behind them and charge on as a new week progresses in the Bigg Boss house.

As is norm, the day brings with itself the dreaded nominations. Twisting the story around a little, Bigg Boss asks contestants to step into the confession room and nominate one contestant that they would like to save from elimination. Most contestants, including Praneet, Ali, Sonali and Dimpy move away from what is expected from them in terms of their friendships and try to save those who they believe is the least manipulative. That some of the contestants are shocked by the results is an understatement. But the big twist came in when Bigg Boss asks captain Puneet to nominate the one contestant who he would like to nominate for eviction. While most expect Puneet to choose his least favourite contestant in the Bigg Boss house, i.e. Karishma, but Puneet changes the game by choosing someone else…someone he has called his friend!

The effect of nominations stays with the contestants all day long. Be it digesting the shock of nominations, or wondering who their real friends and enemies in the Bigg Boss house are, tonight’s episode will change the entire scenario. Taunts, fights, arguments mixed with some budding friendships and love, it is ultimately the friendships that are tested. But let us tell you one thing, the extent to which some relationships are worsening will be a shock for sure!



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