Don’t trust me says Gauahar
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  • September 23, 2013
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Gauahar and Kushal are coming closer every passing day. They talk together, sit together, sing songs together but Gauahar recently surprised Kushal when she said not to trust her. After nominations got over Gauahar and Kushal were discussing about the votes and who would have nominated whom. Gauahar told Kushal not to trust ANYBODY including her when it comes to the game. Kushal smiled and told her that he will always trust her. To this Gauahar again replied saying that it would be completely his call if he does that. Hope Kushal has taken the hint as it is very clear that Gauahar knows how she is going to play this game. 


Will this game hamper their new found friendship? Well only time can tell. Till then don’t forget to catch the uncensored action here.

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