Does Rishi have feelings for Tanuja?
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  • October 19, 2016
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The terrorist attack news spreads like a wild fire in the Bedi House. Rishi decides to go save Mallaika despite the danger that exists in this situation. Tanuja tries to stop him. He doesn’t pay heed to her words but has sudden flashes of Tanu in his mind, thinking that she used to behave the same way. Tanuja insists on going with Rishi but he stops her from doing so. 




In the process of trying to save Mallaika and the other hostages, Rishi lands up in deep trouble. Rano calls up on Malliaka’s phone and Tanuja answers the call. She learns that Rishi’s maark dosh has commenced and his life is at stake. Tanuja hits a panic mode. Meanwhile Rishi who is trying to save everyone, lands up at the gun point of the terrorists and gets badly beaten up by them. Tanuja cannot stand this brutality and musters courage to save him. However, she becomes the target of their bullet and Rishi is left aghast. He immediately rushes her to the hospital to save her life.












The unconscious Tanuja will wake up to the news of Rishi’s marriage. Will she be shattered with this new turn in her life or will she be able to gulp down this truth well? Watch tonight at 10PM!

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