Does Jai misunderstand Aadhya?
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  • July 23, 2019
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With Jai coming to know about Aadhya’s decision of getting married to PK in the court, he rushes to meet her. He is even shocked when he comes to know that Aadhya will be giving an online interview for a company based in Bangalore. Post all of this, Jai is also seen sending a parcel to Shubhankar.





Going forward, when Jai arrives at a café, he finds Aadhya and PK kissing. Little does he know that the girl isn’t Aadhya but Divya. That’s when he misunderstands Aadhya. In the meantime, Aadhya comes to know about the parcel sent by Jai. How will she react to that?





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