Does Chakor win the race?
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  • March 6, 2019
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Previously on Udann, we see how Anjor locks Chakor in a washroom, so she is unable to participate in the race. She, however, finds her way out and manages to reach the starting point. By now, Anjor has placed broken glass pieces in her shoes. Seeing a slight smirk on Anjor’s face, Chakor figures that she has done something to defeat her. With an aim of not giving up, Chakor continues running but starts feeling the pain. She stops and realizes that her foot is bleeding, but she doesn’t give up. Chakor then flings her shoe in the air and runs with her foot bleeding towards the finish line. Anjor does get emotional but continues running. Will Chakor still win the race?


Later, Sameer and Anjor are seen going for a drive. She seems to enjoy his company but this worries Poonam. Will Poonam do something about this? Later, Anjor plans another prank on Chakor but she doesn’t entertain it this time. What could this prank be? How will Chakor react to this?





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